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Teqyla Advertising

We are a media agency specializing in U.S. Companies reaching Latin America & the Caribbean.



We undersand the challenges of doing business in the region. Utilizing U.S. accepted norms our focus is to avoid the pitfalls that come with advertising beyond U.S. borders.


Just like being on the right platforms is important. Avoiding situations that may harm your brand is of major importance.


Leverage agile frameworks to provide a robust synopsis for high level overviews iterative approaches.


Digital Strategy

Digital Strategy and Execution for National and International Success

Social Media - International Connections



360 degree video | Virtual Reality


Advertising across borders presents numerous challenges.  The Teqyla team are specialists in navigating these challenges.

  • Technology | Expertise: Know where your budget is being spent.
  • Brand Safety: Top technology & brand protection technology. 
  • U.S. | International business standards:  Avoid the pitfalls of working across borders by working with an experienced international team. 
  • International Expertise:  Understanding the advertising landscape on a global scale allows us to maximize your return on investment.

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Digital Expertise

Enlist the team that is experienced with the latest technology and will work with your team to maximize your advertising efforts.

  • Display | Video

  • Programmatic | Direct

  • Mobile | Desktop

  • Virtual Reality | 360 Video

  • Multicultural | International

For budgets large or small, the Teqyla team works with our clients to make the most of their efforts. Working with the latest in digital technology, yet with an experienced team of humans, we work to not only reach your audience, but to do it in a cost effective and brand safe manner.

Digital Media Strategy for All Platforms

Media agency specializing in U.S. Companies reaching Latin America & the Caribbean.

Some Clients

John Deere
City Express

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